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Ayo Makan Online! is a digital site that serves as an invitation for readers to “come eat” and as an invitation for readers to learn the aspects of Indonesian food culture and language.

Ayo Makan Online! adalah website yang mengajak para pembaca untuk "datang makan" dan mengajak para pembaca untuk belajar budaya dan bahasa Indonesia.


Kolak Pisang

Kolak Pisang

Kolak pisang is a simple treat that you can make in just 20 minutes. The main base is coconut milk, which is a versatile and important ingredient in Indonesian cuisine. It provides a rich, creamy flavor that compliments the plantains.  For variation, you can try adding sweet potato, cassava, palm seeds, and jackfruit as well. 

This dish can be eaten anytime of the year, but it is extra popular to see people eating it during the holy month of Ramadan. During Ramadan, when fasting ends at sunset, people will eat something sweet before having their first meal of the day. So, you’ll see food stalls, called kaki lima, serving up kolak pisang or any variation of the dish after sunset.


Recipe of the Week: 

Recipe of the Week: 


Our goal is to create an interactive and accessible resource to learn about Indonesian cuisine and culture.

On Ayo Makan Online!, each recipe is written in Indonesian and translated into English. The recipes include background context that describe details such as colonization influences, holiday traditions, or insights into Indonesian life. Aided with creative drawings, vibrant photography, and a simplistic design, we hope to convey feelings of warmth, home, and hospitality- akin to the culture of Indonesia. 

We intend for this to be a truly accessible resource for beginners learning about Indonesia for the first time, or for people wanting to supplement their Indonesian language studies. With the support of the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Alumni Development Fund, we are able to publish Ayo Makan! as a digital site as well as a physical resource. The cookzine, Ayo Makan! Offline, is the second part of our project that is now available to order. We will distribute the cookzine to public institutions and individuals as a free, permanent learning resource.


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We are a sister duo born in Indonesia and based in the United States. Originally, we toyed with this project idea as a way to spend time with our grandmother when she came to visit us in the US. Since baking is one of her all-time favorite activities, we decided to finally learn what it takes to make our favorite foods. The recipes are based on her long history of baking and cooking Indonesian foods.

Doing this project definitely made us learn a lot about baking and about our own roots and language. Growing up in the US, we didn’t get a lot of chances to explore what Indonesian culture meant outside our own small family. There was a lack of available Indonesian resources and representation, especially ones that were current and relatable. So, we decided to fill that gap using food as a medium, because food, including the ingredients, cooking methods, and eating traditions, show how a culture has been shaped and how it continues to be shaped. Now, we are excited to let others have the chance to explore Indonesia's dynamic culture.